Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Camomile Lawn

Our garden is long and thin and has curved raised beds down the sides and in the corners, it also has a winding paved path running down the middle.  When we moved into the house the gap between the paving and the beds (at that time not raised) was grass lawn.  

We wanted extra space for growing so when we built the raised beds we extended them each slightly into the lawn area.  This resulted in small curved areas of grass which became very difficult to mow, it was not easy to use the mower in the space so we ended up doing most of the cutting with the strimmer.  If you have ever had to use a strimmer for extended periods you will know that this is not fun.

As well as difficulty in keeping it trim the grass would get very patchy, no matter how much grass seed we bought there still seemed to be some areas of dirt.  It all seemed like far too much effort, so we started considering alternatives.

Camomile (Trenague) is a low growing, ground covering, non flowering variety of camomile, ideal for lawns.  It does not need mowing, ever (huge plus), it smells delicious when you walk on it, it does not irritate hayfever sufferers and produces a really lush green covering (even in dry summers).

Downsides - it is quite expensive, as it is non-flowering it cannot be grown from seed so you have to buy cuttings and this is not cheap.  Also although it does not need mowing, it does need looking after, until the plants are well established they are not very competitive so you need to be weeding.

Camomile lawn with some grass invaders!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

1000 paper cranes

This week I have been mostly......

Cutting out paper squares.  1000 of them to be exact, doesn't look all that many now they are done!

1,000 paper squares, paper clipped in batches of 25
 I have been looking a number of wedding themed blogs and websites recently  for inspiration and ideas and a friend who is also getting married this summer suggested I look at Boho Weddings as she had found some things she really liked on there.

So I had a bit of a look around and there are some lovely ideas and some very beautiful weddings showcased.  Then I saw the article on 1000 paper cranes backdrop and thought it was a really lovely idea that I would like to recreate.

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