Tuesday, 23 April 2013

World Book Night 2013

I have just discovered the most wonderful thing.

World Book Night.

Tonight is World Book Night 2013.

And I did not know!

One of my Rangers mum's is a World Book Night 'giver' and had bought some books along to the meeting tonight to give out. It seemed like a nice idea, I'm always in support of books and sharing them, but I didn't have chance to have a conversation with her so didn't really know what the purpose was or what it was all about, so I came home and did some research.

I visited the World Book Night website, read a little about what it was about, read some more about the people who are involved and why, I read their testimonials, tales of people they had given the books to, and I cried.   

It is the most wonderfully sweet, amazing concept, and I truly believe it is helping change people's lives.  Tonight across the UK and Ireland 20,000 people are acting as World Book Night 'givers' distributing free copies of selected books within their own communities to encourage people to read and share the joy of books.

The website encourages people to become a 'reading ambassador  sharing their experiences of reading, encouraging others, supporting local bookshops, giving books as gifts, all things I totally support and aim to do more of. 

Please visit the website.  Read what it's all about and read what it means to the people giving, and how their gifts have been received.  It is incredibly heart warming, somewhat bittersweet and completely amazing, I challenge you not to want to get involved!

World Book Night
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