Saturday, 11 January 2014

Banana scones

I like scones.  They manage to be a comfort food and a luxury one at the same time.  Nothing is better than a warm scone with butter, or cream if you can get it!

I also like bananas, but am rather picky about the point at which they should be eaten.  Slightly too green or hard and I feel a bit sick, too brown and they just don't taste nice.  This often leaves a very short banana eating window, which I occasionally miss leaving the fruit bowl with increasingly black bananas.

Every cloud has a silver lining though as black bananas make beautiful banana bread, which we very much enjoy in our house, but it is always nice to have options.  So when I saw this recipe for banana scones I was excited to give it a go.

I found this recipe for banana bread scones with brown sugar glaze on Lavender and Lovage blog but it has travelled a little further than that!  Kate from Lavender and Lovage found the recipe as part of The Secret Recipe Club on the blog Baking and Creating with Avril, where Avril had seen it on the blog cinnamon spice and everything nice where it is sourced from thekitchn.  Phew!

So earlier this week when I was going to have lunch with my mum, sister and niece and noticed a number of past eating bananas in the bowl I gave these delicious sounding scones a go.

I actually didn't follow the recipe too closely, I didn't have any yoghurt or sour cream in the house and it being a miserable day didn't fancy the trip to the shop.  Instead I took the yoghurt/milk/banana quantities listed in the recipe and made it up simply from banana and milk.  I used 4 bananas and not much milk!

I also decided based on my love of the apple scones I made last year to use demerara sugar instead of granulated, and opted to leave out the walnuts as I'm not a fan of nuts in cakes an breads.

To top it all off I actually didn't make the glaze either!  It does look amazing, but it also looks a little too sweet and icing like for me to believe it really goes well with scones.  Instead I brushed the top of my scone with milk and sprinkled with demerara sugar as in the apple scones.

Ready for the oven
The scones went down very well with all, particular combined with a tub of clotted cream!  I will definitely be making them again, I will probably increase the amount of cinnamon next time as I would have liked to taste it a bit more, and may add sultanas as I do in the banana bread, but it is really nice to have a banana bread alternative, particularly one that does not need eggs for when the chickens are not laying.


  1. Love scones but I've never heard of Banana ones before, and I have yet to make scones as one large round scone for breaking up. Another recipe to bank :)


    1. It's the first time that I've made scones as one big round, I was tempted to do individuals as I do like individual servings, but I'm glad I went with the round, I think it looks quite attractive.


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