Sunday, 30 September 2012

Time for a wedding?

I have not posted on the blog in a very long time.  I had all sorts of wonderful plans to chart the progress of the wedding with all the things we were making, but as it turns out the making things took up all my time, it takes time to plan a wedding, who knew?!

So now it is over and we are settling into married life I hope to pick up with the writing again, and hopefully will go back to some of the things we made, because I'm really quite proud of them.

But for now here is a visual summary.

My Dad and I entering the church
Mr and Mrs leaving the church
Afternoon tea in the church hall

More cake in the church hall

Even more cake in the church hall!

Fabric flowers to decorate the church and my crocheted bridesmaids

My real bridesmaids!

Scones and cream in the church hall

Crochet hippo

What wedding is complete without Yoda?

Wedding cake

Wedding dress

Bridesmaid gifts

Paper cranes at reception hall

Fabric flowers decorating church

Fabric flowers decorating church

My 'something borrowed', my mum's charm bracelet, given to her on her wedding day by my grandmother.

Evening buffet

Bridesmaid dresses 'in the making'

Wedding cake

Our quilt guestbook, organised and being sewn by my sister

Just arrived at church

So much cake in the church hall!

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  1. Awww this is such a lovely natural photo, one to trasure forever x


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