Thursday, 27 October 2011

Vintage patterns

A few weeks ago I bought some dress making patterns from a charity shop in town and what with one thing and another they remained tucked away in their bag by my sewing table and I have just found them.  They were a bargain price of 25p each and are probably both too small for me so will need a little adjustment, but I think they are lovely designs.

At the same time I bought a pair of fully lined curtains with a green and white flower pattern and I think I will use the fabric from these to make the button down dress on the left.  The curtains cost me £6 and being fully lined mean I have fabric for a dress lining too, a fully lined dress for six pounds can't be bad.

Curtain fabric and lining

1 comment:

  1. Love the Butterick one! I put out a huge pile of old patterns after having kept them for 20 years and never gone back to make anything! I hope my patterns found as nice a home as these did with you. I still have the vintage knitting patterns as they take up less space.


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