Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ideas for a dress

So, you're getting married, what's the first thing you think about?  I have been looking at wedding dresses since Arthur proposed some time ago I even have a little book of cut outs from magazines of all the ones I like, but none of them were quite right and all ridiculously expensive so I decided very early on that I would make my own dress.

There were a couple key themes in the dresses I liked, lace (apparently I'm a fan and who knew!) and accents of colour (yellow being my colour of choice of course).  Having thought about it for quite some time I also decided I didn't want a floor length dress and train as I am clumsy enough without 3 feet of fabric to fall over!

So this is what I was thinking when I caught a tantalising glimpse of a photo of a lace dress made from crochet doilies. I'm fairly certain that I saw it in an issue of Mollie Makes magazine but having been through all my copies of the magazine this evening page by page I have failed to find it.  So I cant be sure where I first saw it (or if I dreamed it...!), if anyone has seen this in Mollie Makes and can tell me what issue (and even what page if your keen) I'd really appreciate it as I'm starting to think I'm going mad!

Anyway, after a quick Google search I found some more stunning images of this dress and wedding over on pursuing the picture perfect wedding and 100 Layer cake blog.  

I love the crochet overlay, think it looks fantastic so this is what I (along with a small group of crocheting friends!) will be doing.

I think I'm going to use the pattern I drafted for my green dress as an underdress, and layer the crochet doilies over it, stitching to the bodice and letting them hang loose over the skirt. I haven't yet been able to decide on a colour for the under-dress, I like the idea of the dress being all 'white' (whatever shade) but I also really like the colour statement.  I think I will make up a couple of different under-dresses in different colours (as that bit is the easy bit!) then see which I like the best.

I ordered about eight different shades of white/cream/silver/beige crochet cotton and ran up some test doilies to decide on a shade

They may all look the same colour just blame my photography! In real life they look very different.
And the winner is...  Anchor Aida 09002 (cream) come on down! I have ordered lots of this now and am ready to go (hopefully my happy helpers are to!)

I have a selection of doily patterns to work with and I'm hoping some of my crochet team will have their own (or make some up) so they are all different.  Also one of my friends does crochet 'doodles' in wool that look amazing and she has agreed to do some in the cotton for my dress so there should be lots of variety :)

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