Monday, 17 August 2015

Welsh Cakes - Bake Off inspiration week 2

Biscuit week.  Anyone else just totally in love with biscuit boxes made from biscuits?  From the bakers comments I was pleased to learn that I was not the only one to never have heard of an arlette, and with Jus-Rol sharing a recipe for one on their Facebook page using their ready made sheets, I may just find time to try one!

I decided to make some biscuits for us to enjoy with a cup of tea and a board game so got out my copy of 'The Great British Book of Baking' and flicked through the biscuit chapter so see what whet my appetite.  The biscuit chapter is headed 'Biscuits and Teatime Treats' and it turns out what whet my appetite was not a biscuit at all, but welsh cakes.

This is an incredibly quick and easy bake, I mixed it up while the cabbage was cooking for tea (and you know you don't want to overcook cabbage) and then rolled, cut and griddled after we had put the girls to bed.  Ten minutes after they went to sleep we were eating welsh cakes.

I have had welsh cakes many times before, a friend at work has previously baked them and brought in to celebrate St David's day and I good friend sent us a homemade batch not long after Bessie was born.  However I have never before had them hot.  I didn't know what I was missing!  They are tasty cold, they are amazingly moreish hot, and given that they were so quick to make, I may never again bother to eat them cold!

I started with the recipe from 'The Great British Book of Baking' but to be honest I wasn't very good at following it either in quantities or instructions (there was no where near enough fruit for my liking, and I don't have time to hand breadcrumb when I have a blender that does it so well!) so this is what I did.


225g self raising flour
pinch of salt
100g unsalted butter chilled
85g golden caster sugar
25g currants
25g sultanas
1 egg yolk
Splash of milk

1. Put flour salt and butter into blender and pulse until breadcrumbed
2. Empty into bowl and mix in sugar and fruit
3. Add egg yolk and milk and mix until dough comes together.
4. Turn out onto floured surface and roll to 1m thick.
5. Cut out shapes and griddle until golden brown on each side
6. Dust with sugar, and try very hard not to devour the whole lot!

As a salute to last weeks 'World Elephant Day' (August 12) I cut my dough into elephant shapes, but they didn't hold their shape too well when cooked and were very difficult to turn!

A griddle pan full of fruity dough elephants
Slightly puffy misshapen elephants once cooked 
I also cut some heart shapes, just because.

My mix made nine elephants and around 15 hearts, a good sized feast for our game with plenty left over.

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