Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Not quite raisin schnecken!

We visited Achern in the Black Forest in Germany when I was younger and where we stayed a bakers van drove round every morning selling the most amazing baked delights.  My favourite of these was raisin schnecken, a spiral cinnamon sticky bun with a glut of raisins.  I've tried several recipies to replicate them and as yet have not found anything quite right.  

This was another failed but tasty attempt where I combined a Nigella recipie with a chocolate bun recipe (minus chocolate!).  The Nigella recipe is 'Schnecken' from Domestic goddess, the chocolate recipe is Richard Berinet's 'Chocolate Buns' from 101 Best loved chocolate recipes by Hotel Chocolate.

I used the Nigella recipe for the pastry, chocolate bun recipe for pastry creme (swapping cocoa flavour for cinamon and adding raisins) then made the syrup from Nigella to put on top.

Nigella pastry

Pastry creme from 'Chocolate buns'
With added cinnamon and raisins
Mixing syrup from Nigella recipe

Roll out pastry

Cover pastry with creme
Roll up the pastry in one long sausage

Cut into slices and lay on baking tray
Top with syrup from Nigella recipe

Voila! Not Raisin Schecken but very tasty!


  1. They may not be perfect to you but oh my goodness don't they just look scrummy!

  2. could put the recipe, I can not find the recipe of the filling

  3. can you send me the recipes to andreiita.d@gmail.com??? thanks!!

  4. can you send me receipe step by step ?

  5. I'm sorry but the recipes aren't mine to share. You could try looking for the books at your local library, or have at look at Nigella's website, as quite a few of her recipes are there online.


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