Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bake off and new beginnings

So as I'm sure you can see, the blog has been dormant or some time.  Over a year in fact, but it has been a very busy year!

Our baby has grown into a toddler and we have another baby fast on her way to becoming the same. 

We have unfortunately had to say goodbye to our cat after a fine innings of 20 years ordering us all about, and we have moved house (3 weeks before the baby arrived!).  So I make no apologies for the lack of posts.

However, I have been feeling lately that I would like to do something for me, and this blog encourages me to do those sort of projects that I might otherwise neglect as I then get to blog about them.  

So no time like the present, the girls have just gone to bed and in less than two hours Bake Off begins, and with it starts a new season of inspiration.  Every episode makes me want to try new things and our new garden is bursting with fruit to be turned into delicious baked/jammed/frozen delights.

Now is the time, the new sap is rising (slightly late, but it has been a chilly wet spring!), I want to bake and craft and visit exciting and interesting places - and I want to blog about it.  I want to share my thoughts and have a lovely record of our doings and hopefully chat with some of you lovely people out there along the way.

So look out for more regular blog posts, sharing cooking, crafting, outings and all sorts, but for now to get going here is a picture of some peanut butter cupcakes and some 'worms in the mu' brownies that I made or my sister and nieces recent joint birthday party.

See you all soon!

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