Thursday, 22 December 2011

Banoffee Cheesecake

In downloading pictures from my camera to free it up for Christmas, I found this photographic record of my banoffee cheesecake so I thought I'd share.

I like bananas, I like toffee and as far as I'm concerned banoffee is a match made in heaven (even if I am never sure how to spell it!).  Arthur really likes cheesecake, so a while ago I decided the banoffee cheesecake was the way to go.

I didn't follow any recipe, just made it up as I went, which is why most ingredients aren't measured.  Also I like a lot of base to a cheesecake and Arthur likes a lot of cheesecake so that is why the quantities are maybe a little overboard!  You could easily make this with less of each, but then where would be the fun?

So, you need:

Two bananas, a pack of hobnobs, 300g tub of phili, tub of mascarpone, ready made toffee sauce, some double cream, and a bag of fudge, also lemon juice and caster sugar (they missed out on the photo as you only use a tiny bit!).

What to do:

Blitz the pack of hobnobs in the blender and mix in a bowl with about 50g of melted butter

Press this mix firmly into a dessert ring or springform tin and leave in the fridge to chill

In a bowl add phili, mascarpone, and a good slug of double cream, a dash of lemon juice and about a dessert spoon of caster sugar and mix until smooth

Drizzle a generous portion of toffee sauce over the mix and fold in to create a ripple effect

Take your biscuit base out of the fridge and layer sliced bananas ontop

Spoon the cheese mixture over the top and smooth down leaving a depression in the middle

Melt some fudge with about 100ml of double cream in a bowl over a pan of water

Pour this soften fudge mix into the depression on the top of the cheese mixture

Chop up more fudge into small cubes and decorate the edge of the cheesecake
Then eat and enjoy!

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