Thursday, 29 December 2011

The list of 30 cakes!

I have had a couple of people ask me what the 30 different types of cake were that I made for Arthur's birthday so here is the full list if you want to know!

Everyday sponge base used for most of these is half fat to flour mix.
  1. Snickers cake - everyday sponge with chopped snickers in (I used two multipack bars) topped with melted snickers (I used one bar) mixed with double cream and icing sugar
  2. Honey cake with rose cream icing - everyday sponge with honey added.  split and filled and topped with icing sugar mixed with double cream and rose water
  3. Malt cake - everyday sponge with malt extract added, topped with basic icing with malt added and malteasers for decoration
  4. Toffee sponge - everyday sponge with pre-made toffee sauce added, topped with toffee icing and fudge pieces for decoration
  5. Bakewell tart - pastry case spread with cherry jam, topped with everyday sponge with almond essence, iced with a cherry ontop
  6. Tiffin cake - rich tea biscuits and raisins in a mix of chocolate, condensed milk butter, set in the fridge and coated in chocolate
  7. Golden fudge cake - A parsnip and honey cake with golden sugar icing
  8. Fruit cake - A light fruit cake mix
  9. Lemon cake - everyday sponge with lemon zest and juice topped with lemon icing
  10. Ginger cake - everyday sponge with ground ginger topped with lemon icing
  11. Orange and sultana - everyday sponge with orange extract and sultanas, coloured orange
  12. Angel cake - everyday sponge, half pink, half yellow, filled with vanilla cream icing topped with icing
  13. Chocolate coconut surprise - dessicated coconut and diced glace cherries mixed with chocolate, butter and double cream.
  14. Chocolate crispie cake - Cornflakes mixed with chocolate, golden syrup and butter
  15. Rice crispie cake - Rice krispies mixed with chocolate, golden syrup and butter
  16. Cinnamon - everyday sponge with ground cinamon, drizzled with icing
  17. Cappucino - Everyday sponge flavoured with coffee, topped with icing mixed with white chocolate and cream, dusted with cocoa
  18. Chocolate chip - Everyday sponge with choc chips added
  19. Victoria sponge - proper sponge (equal fat to flour) split and filled with cherry jam and whipped cream, dusted with icing sugar
  20. Apple pie crumble - pastry case filled with stewed apple and topped with crumble mix
  21. Apple sponge - everyday sponge with chopped apple added
  22. Blueberry cake - everyday sponge with added blueberries (should have been filled and topped with vanilla buttercream but I ran out of time!)
  23. Chocolate cake -everyday sponge with added cocoa, topped with melted chocolate and double cream
  24. Sticky toffee cake - No idea! made by my mum and is delicious!
  25. Jam and coconut sponge - everyday sponge topped with cherry jam and coconut
  26. Marble cake - half vanilla, half chocolate everyday sponge marbled together
  27. Cherry and coconut cake - everyday sponge with added dessicated coconut and chopped glacĂ© cherries
  28. Almond - everyday sponge with ground almonds and almond essence, flaked almonds sprinkled ontop before baking
  29. Kirsh - An invention of my mums with tinned black cherries and kirsch wasser
  30. Nutella - Everyday sponge topped with nutella spread
So that's the full 30, couldn't have done it without my mum's help and don't think I will be planning a similar stunt for the 40th it was a bit of a mission, plus even giving away cake to everyone who came round we had loads left and there is only so much cake you can eat!

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