Friday, 30 December 2011

Handmade Christmas - part 2

Another Button based project!

This was for my sister-in-law to be who had said how much she liked the button bouquets I had made for the wedding and that she would like something similar as a centrepiece.

The teapot was a rather hideously patterned one in blue, yellow and brown that we have had for a number of years and never really like, then it got cracked so as well as being ugly was useless as a teapot.  I think it has blossomed in its new lease of life and just like a butterfly is much more beautiful after its transformation.  I wish I had taken a photo before we started painting it so you could see the difference!

Inspired by the table decorations at my button bride friends wedding, I decided to paint the teapot with enamel paint.  Having never used enamel paint before I sort of assumed that it would be a thick coat and would cover all the pattern leaving only a block of solid colour.  I have never been so pleased to be wrong.  I love that you can see the pattern underneath the paint, I think it looks beautiful, and am now on the lookout for other ugly crockery in charity shops which I can enamel over and give a new lease of life as ornaments.

A number of these flowers were embroidered by my mother-in-law to be and I think she did a stunning job, her embroidery skill definitely surpasses my own.

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