Saturday, 31 December 2011

Handmade Christmas - Part 3

It is always difficult to find presents for men, even more so when trying to make them so I was particularly pleased with these:

Boy balm and leather food

Made this for my sister's fella who works outside a lot in the wet and gets very dry chapped hands.  I found the idea on charmed goals blog and loved it.

I used 1:1 beeswax to olive oil as suggested but added a slug of almond oil for added moisturising and to keep the mix a little softer.  I melted the beeswax, then added the olive oil and reheated until liquid, added my almond oil and essential oils I used lime and cedarwood which gave a really nice fresh but manly scent.  I poured the liquid into clean Lush tubs and let it set, then found it to be a little hard, so scoped it into a clean bowl and whipped it up - like creaming butter and sugar, then put it back in the tubs.

It seems to be a big hit!

Personalised Haynes Manual notebooks

Arthur came up with these and I just love them! One for his brother-in-law and one for my sisters partner.

Haynes Owners Workshop Manual Wife/Baby - We've no idea, you figure it out yourself

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