Friday, 23 December 2011

The Garden Gang

I love books.  It's best to get that established early on.  I love to read, to find myself in new worlds, and learn new things, but more than that I love books.  I love the the smell of books, I love how they look, all together in a library (not just the building, the general collective noun!).

Due to this bibliophilia we have a fair sized collection of books, and often buy more.  I tend to buy most of my books second hand in part due to cost and a re-use philosophy but also as I tend to like older bindings and authors, particularly when it comes to children's books.

These gems I found on ebay from Thames Hospice Care making them not only a great buy but money for a good cause too.  I remember the garden gang from when I was little and it is one of the only sets of books from my childhood that I haven't had any copies of, until now.  So you can imagine I was very pleased with this set of four, especially as I didn't expect to receive them until after Christmas.

Jayne Fisher is Ladybird's youngest ever published author at the age of 9, and she wrote and illustrated these books, pretty impressive!

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